Sekisui Eslen Container.with lid

Sekisui Eslen Container(with lid)

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■ Long life
The polypropylene resin used for the interior and exterior of Eslen containers is
The familiar plastic used in plastic buckets and beer containers
Good strength is outstanding. And being excellent in durability,
This is the main reason why this material was chosen for the Eslen container.
This Eslen container tightly wrapped in polypropylene has been used for several years.
It is a long-life product that does not flinch when used as a unit.

■ Lightness and workability
The Eslen container is designed with an emphasis on good workability.
The compact size and light weight make it easy for women to handle.

■ Hygiene
The design does not use any adhesive, so it can be used for food related products.

External dimensions:48.3cm x 37.3cm x H21.8cm
Inside dimensions:37.1cm x 30.2cm x H13.7cm
Body:PP + insulation
Lid:PP + insulation
Body weight:1,980g
Lid weight:820g
Heat resistant temperature:0℃~80℃

Main use
・Rice (3 masu)
・Sushi Shari

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